Agrostroj Pelhřimov from Barlows Agri Limited

Agrostroj Manure Spreaders

First in the Agrostroj Manure Spreaders range is the Agrostroj RUR60 Manure Spreader.  This is designed for spreading the farm manures, industrial sludges, and composts whilst a travelling speed of 40 km/hr is possible with the spreader equipped with double-circuit brakes.

While a new aggressive feed roller improves the quality of spreading – a double helix is integrated therein and the spreader table has two blades with spreading capacity of 14 metres.

The machine is equipped as standard with a mechanical drive of the chain conveyors and on request, the machine can be equipped with a hydraulic advance of the bottom and the hydraulic back face which allows the transport and spreading of sloppy materials.

The rotary shaft allows for connecting the spreader to the tractor’s top as well as lower link and the machine’s maintenance is easy for the operator, whilst lubricating points and tensioning of the chains are at easily accessible locations.

Also in the Agrostroj Manure Spreaders range are the RA Manure Spreaders which give the original constructional solution that significantly increases the spreading quality, staff comfort and also the reliability of operations and the complete machine’s lifetime.

The universal spreaders of the RA series are designed for transport and spread of manure, sludge and the composts and are a professional machine with mutual separable chassis and the body. The chassis of the RA spreader is equipped, as standard, with hydraulic lay-by foot enabling the simple manipulation and put-aside also of the fully loaded machine, whilst the tandem design of the chassis gives the user the smooth driving, lower load when driving over the difficult terrain, low measured ground pressure and lower energy consumption during the operations.

As standard, the body is equipped with double bed conveyor with four high-strength chains, the material feeding is secured by hydraulic drive, where the comfort service is secured from the tractor’s cab, the batch change and the direction can be changed smoothly using the throttle-valve. Securing of the bed’s conveyor shift is effectively done by bypass valve and the spread material is processed by two delivery rollers before entering the spreading mechanism.

The body can be equipped with hydraulic-controlled slurry gate enabling the transport of sludge and prevents falling of transported material when spreading and every elements that come into contact with spread material are made of quality abrasive- resistant materials.

The machine is globally secured by central non-destructive clutch with sound alarm and are standard equipped with unique spreading table of the shape of opened letter “V”. This element enables the smooth spread in width of 16 metres.

The gear-box of the spreading table enables the setting of two rotation speeds of the paddles, the lower speed is designed for more rough structure of spread material, the higher speed gives the fine structure of spread material especially convenient for fertilising grasslands, pasturage and other grasses.

System of removable extensions for chassis RA140 and RA100:

  • Rear tilting extension, load capacity: 14 tons and 10 tons
  • Slurry applicator extension, volume: 12 000 litres
  • Easy replacing via lay-by legs

Agrostroj Manure Spreaders Specifications:


Model RUR60 RA80 RA100 RA140
Load capacity (kg) 6000 8000 10000 14000
Power requirement min. (kW/HP) 45 / 60 60 / 80 70 / 93 120 / 160
Weight (kg) 2330 3810 4110 5650
Loading space (mm) 3830 x 1800 5000 x 2000 5000 x 2000 6500 x 2000
Body capacity (m3) 6 8,6 11,1 14
Dosage range (t/ha)-mechanic drive 3,4 – 118
               -hydraulic drive 1,4 – 81 1,1 – 161 1,1 – 161 1,1 – 161
Spreading width (m) 14 16 16 16
Length (mm) 7200 7118 7118 8820
Width (mm) 2662 2423 2423 2700
Heifht (mm) 2606 2891 2891 3200
PTO speed (RPM) 540 540 540 540(1000)
Axle uniaxial tandem,(BOGIE) tandem,(BOGIE) tandem,(BOGIE)
Maximum transport speed (km/p.h) 20 / 40 20 / 40 20 / 40 30 / 40


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