Agrostroj Pelhřimov from Barlows Agri Limited

We have now taken delivery of our first load of Agrostoj ZTR Drum Mower Range, which includes the ZTR165 and ZTR185 Two Drum Mowers.

Agrostroj Pelhrimov machinery has been imported into the UK for over thirty years, with thousands of machines sold.  They are most famous for their two drum mowers, flail toppers and rear discharge muckspreaders.

We have a full load of ZTR165 and ZTR185 two drum mowers now delivered.  They will all be checked over by our technicians to ensure they are ready for sale.

The ZTR165 has a working width of 163cm (1.63mtr) and requires a tractor of at least 53HP (40kW).  The ZTR185 has a working width of 184cm (1.84mtr) and requires a tractor of at least 53HP (40kW).  Both require a Cat I or Cat II linkage fixing.

We are very excited to be selling these machines and they come with a reputation of outstanding build quality and durability.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any more details on these machines or you can visit our ZTR Drum Mower page for detailed specification.  In our brochures section you can download the sales brochure featuring all the information on the ZTR165 and ZTR185 Drum Mowers.

Agrostoj ZTR Drum Mower Range

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